Trash Collection

Trash is collected weekly on Fridays in the Condos and Townhomes neighborhoods and twice-weekly at Manor neighborhood buildings on Tuesdays and Fridays. Recycling is picked up every other Friday in all neighborhoods. Each sub-association has rules about placement and removal of bins and garbage.

Disposal of Appliances, Furniture, and Specialty Items.

Please be aware of that the trash haulers will not take televisions, appliances, furniture, computers and other such items. Make arrangements to dispose of these items on your own. This Smyrna Recycling site has a long list of items they will accept for recycling including glass (for hardcore recyclers). Beneath that is a list of specialty items (paint, medical waste, batteries, etc.) along with a phone number for information on where and how to dispose of those items.


Change, effective April 2016:  Glass is no longer recycled.  Be careful not to contaminate a recycling bin with glass – the entire bin will be discarded instead of recycled if it contains any glass items. View the Recycling Guidelines sticker.

Single stream recycling (except for glass) is available throughout Olde Ivy. Pickups are every two weeks, early on a Friday morning (before the regular trash pickup). When trash pickup is adjusted for holidays, so is the recycling pickup.

Recycling rules are printed on each recycling bin or container. A few important reminders:

  • You must break down and fold cardboard boxes. Please remove plastic or other non-paper packaging material from the cardboard boxes before leaving them for removal. (Place these items in the trash.)
  • Recycled items must be clean of food: no pizza boxes! Rinse cans so no food is left to attract unwanted visitors.
  • No plastic bags or Styrofoam are allowed.
  • Glass is not accepted in recycling bins. Place glass in the trash container. The presence of glass in a recycling bin may be considered to contaminate the entire load of recycling items.

Click on an association name below for a summary of recycling practices in your neighborhood.

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