Resident Access

Olde Ivy has two main entry gates: one from Log Cabin Drive, the other from Beech Haven Trail. Most residents use the black remote to open the Neighborhood gates, but you may also enter your personal entry code for your residential unit into the callbox.

Manor residents also use the black remote to open their building garage gate and may use either the grey fob or a personal entry code at the keypad next to the building main entrance door. The side doors in Manor buildings that lead to the stairways have separate access codes that you may obtain through your Manor building representative.

From inside the Neighborhood, walkers can open the either of the two main gates by pressing the pedestrian exit buttons next to the gates.

All residents share a Neighborhood combination code to open the entry door of the fitness center exterior door. The same combination code opens a pedestrian gate in the perimeter fence on Log Cabin Drive.

Guests and Services Access

If you have activated the Call function (as described below), visitors can find your name in the resident directory at the exterior gates and your Manor building main door. Your guest may locate your name by scrolling through the callbox directory and pressing the Call button, which rings your designated phone. To allow entry, press 9 on your phone. The gate or building door will open.

For a callbox shortcut, note the three-digit code that appears next to your name in the callbox directory. Your guests can enter this code, followed by the asterisk (*), to bring up your directory listing. You can give this shortcut code to guests, so they don’t have to scroll through the directory for your entry.

We encourage residents to limit the distribution of their entry codes as much as possible. For example, ask guests, service workers and others to call from the call box for access, rather than giving them an entry code. (Delivery services such as the Post Office, FedEx, UPS and newspaper delivery have their own entry codes.)

Activating the Call Function

To activate the Call function for the exterior gates, email Include your address, unit number (for Manor residents) and the phone number for the gate system to use. This number must have a local area code (404, 678 or 770).

To activate the Call function for your Manor building, email Include your address, unit number and the phone number for the gate system to use. This number must have a local area code (404, 678, 770, or 470).

Please remember that the Call function can only support numbers with a local area code. The names of residents who do not have a local area code phone number will not appear in the call box directory.

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