The Olde Ivy governing documents set out restrictions for certain kinds of pets. For example, you may not have a pit bull or Rottweiler, or a pot bellied pig.

Cobb County has very tough sanitation (pet waste) ordinances, which are designed to protect ground water as well as visible surface areas. The ordinances apply both within the complex and outside of it.  In addition, Cobb County has strong animal control ordinances. Your pet must be under your control and leashed at all times when outside.


All cat litter must be bagged and disposed of in the garbage bins. Loose cat litter can cause sanitation and fire safety issues. An important note for The Manor: The Cobb County Fire Department requires you to dispose of bagged cat litter directly in the garbage dumpster, rather than using the garbage chute. Bags that contain cat litter can get caught in the garbage chutes or break, possibly triggering the smoke alarm.


Pets are welcome at Olde Ivy, with certain restrictions set out in the Olde Ivy governing documents. For example, you may not have a pit bull or Rottweiler, or a pot bellied pig.

  • Your dog must be on a leash at all times when out in the Neighborhood.

  • You must clean up after your dog. Use one of the 14 dog waste stations located throughout the Neighborhood.

  • Steer your dog to the pine straw, avoiding burned-out patches in the grass.

  • Ensure that your dog does not bark and bother your neighbors.

If you live in the Manor…
Residents are urged to take their pets out through the garage, rather than over the carpeting to get to the front door. Please steer your dog away from the common entrances and towards the pine straw to avoid damaging the grass. Additionally, your neighbors will be grateful if you keep your dog on a leash when in the common areas of your building.

The Manor governing documents DO NOT REQUIRE that residents take their pets in and out of the the building via the garage, but IT IS A COURTESY to your neighbors to do so.

Please read the governing documents for more information related to pets at Olde Ivy.

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