All Olde Ivy homeowners should familiarize themselves with the insurance section of their respective governing documents which are available to view or print as pdf files in our DOCUMENTS menu section.

Insurance Policy Information

It is recommended that Olde Ivy unit owners consult with an insurance agent about the amount and type of insurance needed. Typically, it is an HO-6 policy (Homeowners Insurance). In addition to coverage for damage to personal property and personal liability coverage, these condominium insurance policies cover losses under their sub-association’s master policy deductibles, improvements or upgrades, losses under the association’s master insurance policy, and costs of unexpected major special assessments.

The Townhomes and Condos master policies pay for replacement cost, including betterments and improvements. If a unit owner has made upgrades, a covered claim would include them.

When selecting your policy, you are advised to discuss two important aspects of the policy with your insurance agent: your insurance responsibility and the loss assessment clause in your policy.

Insurance Responsibility

Ask your insurance agent to add enough coverage to your policy so that your insurance responsibility for the building matches the requirements of the by-laws for your sub-association (see “Deductibles” below).  Most individual policies also have a deductible, so you will need to fund a portion of a covered claim. Additional building coverage usually results in a modest premium increase over a basic policy premium.

Loss Assessment

In the unlikely event of a claim against the master association policy exceeding total coverage limits, all unit owners could be assessed equally for the overage. Ask your agent about the loss assessment clause in your policy.


Each sub-association has specific insurance deductible requirements, described below. Please be aware that neither you nor the Property Manager has the legal authority to file an insurance claim on any Olde Ivy Association policy. If you have any insurance issues, please contact your sub-association Board directly.


There currently is a $2,500 deductible on the Condos community insurance policy. This means that, as an owner who suffers damage from a covered casualty, you would be responsible for the first $2,500 of any claim on the community policy. (The community insurance deductible is subject to the deductible for your individual policy.)

To provide appropriate coverage for a covered casualty, you may want to consider the following:

1. Ensure that, at a minimum, your Condominium HO-6 policy insurance policy includes the following:

  • The contents of your unit plus any upgrades or improvements within your unit.
  • A minimum of the Association’s deductible amount—currently $2,500—on LOSS ASSESSMENT.

2. List the Olde Ivy at Vinings Condominium Association, Inc. as an “Additional Interested Party” on your policy. This addition does not cost you anything; rather, it ensures that the Association is copied on changes to your policy and annual renewals.

IMPORTANT: Contact State Farm agent Joe Dion at (770) 460-0132 with any questions or for guidance on suitable coverage based on the Condos Association insurance policy.

The Manor

The Manor association’s master insurance policy covers $10,000 per occurrence. That means that individual homeowners are responsible for the first $10,000 for damage to the building portion of their own unit, and should provide their own insurance coverage accordingly. If an event affects more than one building, each building is considered as a separate entity, so each unit owner is responsible for the individual deductible.

If your insurance agent requires additional information on the Master Policy for The Manor at Olde Ivy Condominium Association, please contact our insurance agent Clay Davies, Account Associate, at Yates Insurance Agency at (404) 982-2401 or


There is a $20,000 deductible on the Townhome community insurance policy that covers the structure of buildings. You are responsible for up to $20,000 of this deductible in addition to your own policy deductible. Owners should be sure their personal insurance policy has at least $20,000 in “Building Property” coverage in addition to coverage for their personal belongings. Loss Assessment Coverage should be considered in the unlikely event owners are assessed by the association for a loss not completely reimbursed by insurance. This coverage is routinely available at a reasonable cost if requested.

List Olde Ivy Townhomes Association, Inc as an additional interest on your policy. This addition does not cost anything but the association is copied on changes and renewals, etc of your policy. Note; the association does not force place coverage if your personal policy lapses or cancels.

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