Information For Manor Residents

Because we share common spaces such as the entrance, elevators, hallways and the garage, Manor residents have some common concerns and rules that do not apply to the other neighborhoods.

Each building in the Manor has a building representative. The building representatives provide a communication link between Manor residents (owners and tenants) and the management company, and also to and from the Manor Board of Directors. The Manor Board may ask the building rep to post notices on the building bulletin board or to deliver a notice to each resident’s door.

Contact your building representative to report non-emergency issues (non-functioning building light or other building issue requiring repair or attention). The rep will relay these issues to the property management company or to the Manor Board.

For an urgent situation during office hours (elevator not working, a water leak in the building or the irrigation system, building access system not working, or any other issue that might present a danger to the building residents), call (404.835.9100) or send an email to the property management representative,

For an emergency situation that occurs out of office hours and can’t wait until the next day, please call (404.835.9100) and follow the prompts to be connected to the management company answering service. A licensed manager is always on-call and will be glad to assist.

Air Conditioning / Heating

Manor residents are responsible for maintaining their individual air-conditioning/heating (heat pump) units which are located on the roof of each Manor building as well as the air handler located in each units utility room/closet.

***All Manor residents are asked to link to and read this *IMPORTANT* warning regarding your HVAC system, your HVAC contractor, and your fire sprinkler system. Some residents have incurred extraordinary expenses from water damage as a result of not following these important procedures.

Please note that the roof is covered by a protective membrane that is fragile. Your maintenance contractor must be careful not to damage the membrane and is responsible for removing all servicing waste such as cans or paper towels.

Maintenance for common area air-conditioning/heating units is managed by The Manor Board.

Bedroom Flooring

Manor residents on any floor above the ground level may not install wood flooring in the bedrooms. These rooms must have wall-to-wall carpeting. This policy is intended for noise control.

Electric and Cable Room

Manor buildings have various configurations, but generally, the electrical room in the garage area is locked. In some buildings, the building cable connections are also in this room. The key for the locked room is stored in a small locked box outside of the room. For the key code, contact your building representative.

Recycling and Trash

Manor Recycling
Single stream recycling (except for glass) is available throughout Olde Ivy. Pickups are every two weeks, early on a Friday morning (before the regular trash pickup). When trash pickup is adjusted for holidays, so is the recycling pickup.

Large recycling bins are available in each Manor garage. All boxes should be flattened! Large flattened boxes can be placed beside or behind the bins.

Please read and follow the Recycling GuidelinesGlass is no longer recycled.  Please be careful not to contaminate recycling bins with glass.

Manor Trash Removal
The trash dumpsters in The Manor are emptied twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. You must bag all garbage, whether you put it into the garbage chute or place it directly in the dumpster. Cobb County requires that all trash be placed in plastic bags that are secured with a drawstring or other closure.

  • Please note that a door at the bottom of the chute is designed to close automatically in the event of a fire. Loose dust or debris (such as from a “bagless” vacuum cleaner) can trigger the smoke alarm, causing this door to close, and creating a major problem.

  • Do not attempt to place large items (boxes, bags, long items like a mop or broom) in the chute. The item can get stuck in the chute or set off the smoke alarm.

Utility Carts

There are two utility carts in each Manor garage. Residents use these carts to bring groceries and other heavy items to their units. When you use a cart, please return it to the garage as soon as possible, so another resident can use it.

Exterior Window Washing

There is no provision for exterior window washing by The Manor. Residents may contract for this service individually.

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