Neighborhood Safety Information

Neighborhood safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you encounter non-residents on Olde Ivy property or in buildings in The Manor, do not confront them. Call 911 and report the problem. Police will respond and handle the situation. Additional, non-emergency contact information is available.

All residents should follow basic safety principles:

  • Do not open gates to unknown individuals who call you from the gate.

  • In The Manor, do not open outside doors to unknown individuals who call you from the door call box.

  • Do not provide gate or door access codes to anyone.

  • Do not leave your residence without securing doors and windows.

  • Always lock your vehicle and store valuables out of sight.

Emergency Numbers

  • Police/Fire/Rescue/Emergency: 911

Cobb County Police Precinct 3 is located at 1901 Cumberland Parkway near the intersection with Beech Haven Trail. The police ask residents to call to report any immediate criminal or suspicious activity. If there is any doubt about the nature of the behavior, the precinct captain says he would rather we call and be safe.

Other Cobb County Police numbers (during business hours):

  • Cobb County Police Precinct 3 office: 770-499-4183

  • Cobb County Police switchboard: 770-499-3900

Street address for Olde Ivy Pool and Clubhouse:

4735 Ivy Ridge Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

Traffic Safety

The speed limit at Olde Ivy is 15 miles per hour. Many of our residents are walkers and runners. Some families enjoy walks with the baby in a stroller. There are many dog walkers. There are plenty of blind curves. Please drive slowly and with great care. Remember to stop at the clubhouse stop sign, and to stay to the right in divided roadways.

Outdoor Grills

If you live in the…

Condos — Electric grills are permitted for outdoor grilling on balconies or lawns. No grill with an open flame is allowed.

Manor — Electric grills are permitted for outdoor grilling on balconies or lawns. No grill with an open flame is allowed.

Townhomes — There are no restrictions on grills for use on the balconies or decks.

All Associations: Fire safety remains a top priority in the neighborhood, especially around balconies, wooden decks, and pine straw mulch. We have experienced significant fire losses in the neighborhood, inadvertently caused by seemingly innocuous practices. Any open flame poses a risk, as does the storage or use of flammable materials.

Pool Safety and Security

The Neighborhood Pool is one of our most cherished amenities, but it is available only to Olde Ivy residents, their family, and no more than two guests per visit per family. Since it’s a community resource, it’s important that everyone who uses the pool or the pool area follows these basic rules for security, safety and courtesy. Pool hours are 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM. Official pool rules are available here.


  • Use your grey fob to enter the pool area from one of the two gates. If you do not have a grey fob or yours does not work, please contact your property manager.

  • Close the gate after you enter or leave the pool area. Please do not let anyone into the pool area that you do not know.

  • Pool parties are not allowed unless pre-approved by the Neighborhood Board of Directors.


  • There is no lifeguard, so pool safety is entirely your responsibility.

  • For emergencies, use the special-purpose telephone on the far left column supporting the back porch of the clubhouse to dial 911.

  • No glass or other breakables in the pool area. Broken glass is dangerous and requires a major professional cleaning effort that may require draining the pool.

  • No children under age of 16 without a parent or responsible adult in supervision. 

  • Ratio of under-16 children to supervisors must be no greater than five to one.

  • Children under 3 must wear swim diapers or other protective pants (Cobb County Department of Health requirement).

  • No smoking in the pool area.

  • Alcohol consumption in moderation. (No glass bottles allowed.)

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are installed in each unit, hard-wired into the electrical system. Residents may not tamper with them, except to change the battery that powers the unit.

Power Interruptions

Occasionally, Olde Ivy residents experience power interruptions related to storm damage. Georgia Power responds quickly to repair problems, but to make it easier to wait through a power interruption, you may want to have the following on hand:

  • Flashlights

  • Battery-powered lantern

  • Battery-powered radio

If the power outage affects the whole complex, the entry gates will automatically open. They will close when power is restored.

If you live in The Manor, be aware that:

  • The emergency lighting in hallways and stairwells may not last for more than 30 minutes.

  • The garage doors and front doors will automatically open. They will close when power is restored.

Street Lamp Repair

The street lamps in our neighborhood are maintained by Georgia Power. If a lamp is malfunctioning, you can report it directly to Georgia Power using this link. Usually they respond within a few days.

Georgia Power makes repairs during daylight hours when the lamp normally won’t be on. To make it easier for Georgia Power to find the problem lamp:

Try to locate the unique numeral or letter stenciled somewhere on the lamp base, so you can include that identifier in your report, along with closest street number to the lamp.

Mark the post with some bright tape or a ribbon (be sure to use something that can be easily and completely removed!).

Tornado Preparations

Georgia has experienced many strong storms recently, including the occasional tornado. In the event of an approaching tornado, Cobb County sounds a siren to warn residents.

To prepare for possible tornadoes, it’s a good idea to designate a Safe Area in your Olde Ivy home. This could be an interior room with no windows, such as a bathroom, or a stairway or garage area away from windows.

This article at provides useful safety suggestions.

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