***A couple of ways to replace the PARKING RULES SUMMARY TABLE... Here's a tricky way of taking a "menu block" (which exists for menu sections on restaurant sites) and displaying the parking rules one at a time as a result of clicking on an Association name. I like it because it's a potential space saver and kind of "current" at the same time. And of course gracefully resolves to a smart phone screen.

A vehicle will be stickered with a warning notice and towed in 24-hours if it:

  • Does not have a current license tag or is obviously inoperable.
  • Is parked for more than 14 days in a non-reserved or guest parking space. 

If your car is towed, email the Property Manager for information.

Click on an Association name below to view a summary of parking rules for each of our three sub-associations.

***The PARKING RULES SUMMARIES can still be displayed in list form as below. I put one instance of a "button block" title for the Manor rules instead of "Header 2" just as an example but I'm not leaning toward introducing that as a common element. It's mostly used a link button...

Below is a Summary of Parking rules for each of our three sub-associations.


Each Condos unit has one garage space and one marked, assigned parking space. Residents must park their first vehicle in their garage and then use the assigned space for an additional vehicle.

The Condos Covenant prohibits residents from using the garage space for storage. The second level above each garage was designed to provide abundant storage space. This applies to rental situations as well, where owners must make the empty garage space available to their tenants.

Guest parking spaces are marked, and are reserved for visitors. Residents should not park in these spaces or in the unmarked spaces.

Parking spaces in the Manor garages are all assigned to specific units. Some units have two spaces assigned. Residents may not park in a space assigned to another unit without the owner’s explicit permission.

Residents may not store anything other than a parked vehicle in the garage area. Instead, all storage is limited to the assigned locked storage space for that unit.


Townhome residents must park their vehicles in the garage associated with their unit or on the driveway pad in front of or behind their own unit. They may not use the garage for storage or any other purpose, if that use leads to parking a vehicle in guest or other parking spaces.


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